Unaccomplished love….

A long time ago there was a girl and a boy …

They were both in the same class but in different schools every day after school, they both catch the same metro the girl boards the metro from keshav puram and the boy from Netaji subhash place and travel same distance in same train coach they both knew each other that both of them have a connection between them …..and after metro, they both catch the same bus and travel some distance on that bus, but neither one of them tried to talk, there is some kind of barrier which doesn’t allow them to talk maybe it was the society or the insecurity and all… But as the time passes the connection turned into feelings but the hesitation, fear of the rejection and many more things came in front of each other neither one of them tried to confess feelings to each other ….. But one day there was a district-level science fair held in some school so the boy and his friends got the opportunity to present the school at a district level and then when the boy and his friends arrived at the science fair, the boy feels something extraordinary, he feels that the girl is here because her school children’s are also there, so he leaves everything to his friends and starts wandering in the fare in the search of her, then everything was stopped, he saw her from behind and he knows that she was nonetheless his fellow-traveller one-sided love, first love, but the friends of the boy told that he should talk to her, but she was little busy at that time and so the boy told them that he will talk to her when she will free, and then the girl saw the boy she was looking directly into his eyes the smile on her face showing happiness and also that something was there between them and then when the science fair completed, the boy tried to find her but she was long gone at that time, so he came back to school and again after school catch the metro he was on time like every day and then he saw the girl again in metro he was very happy the looks on both of their faces quite incredible, it was pure smile straight from the heart, …………but it had to stop someday. So the boy takes an oath that today he will definitely talk to her and tell her everything, but he didn’t know that today was not a usual day after school he goes to the metro station and boards the exact train as usual but she was not there, so he quickly enters the train at the same station, and waited for next train then again he boards the next train but still, she was not there then again he enters the train and waited there for next train but again she was not there, he was so sad he boards the train without any thought and continues his journey to home alone, today he was so sad that he wants that next afternoon comes quickly and still next day she was not there and again he was so sad in fact he didn’t eat food properly and still the third day she was not there, he was losing his hope, he had many negative thoughts like something has happened to her, is she all right, everything is not okay, she is sick etc…etc… But after one week he saw her and she was gorgeous as usual, she was looking incredible but something is not there, something is missing, he was right because she was ignoring him, he does not know why is she doing this, he was very upset, his heart


was totally broken so he stands up and goes to the door and stands there looking outside through the door’s window, he was thinking that it’s just a game for her he totally shattered from that incident but after that day the boy stays away from that girl even he enters the train when he saw her in the train but after two days the girl saw him and

make an eye contact for several seconds it’s like she wants to tell me something its like she was feeling sorry for doing that, and it is the day of celebration for the boy. But none of them were aware that this feeling, this contact, this eye contact is last for both of them because of mock tests the school was closed for next several days and after that, the timing of exams is also changed that day …………………….. And today after five years the boy still do that goes to metro station wait there for the metro but she is not there anymore but the girl didn’t know that ……maybe she is with someone else ……she does not miss me ……but god knows …..how is she ….what is she doing now a day …….but one day he still hopes that he will see her exactly like old days.

A story by :- shayarsahab_ (instagram) , @sahab_shayar (twitter)